Fall Preview: “Upstate”

WE hate to admit it, but at least up here in the Northeast of the US, summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to start accepting the fact that indeed winter is coming.  Adam hates winter, while Daniela still enjoys it, but we can both agree Fall has its perks.



ONE of the best places to be in our area when the weather starts to cool off, and the leaves start changing is “Upstate”.  The term probably has more nuanced definitions to born and raised New Yorkers, not to mention anyone who lives in the enormous state that is New York, but to us it’s anywhere with trees north of Harlem.  There are dozens of little towns dotting the region’s rail routes, and it’s easy to create a tranquil day trip or weekend retreat without a car or a wallet full of cash.


A yearly day trip of ours around the beginning of October is the quick ride up to Harvest Moon Farm and Outhouse Orchard.  They are literally across the street from each other, and an effortless journey by train from Grand Central Station.  It’s easily done within a handful of hours, and the warm cider and fresh doughnuts help make the oncoming chill seem pleasant.  We always pick up what we need for our Halloween jack-o-lanterns and Dia de los Muertos ofrenda on this trip.

TRIP TIME- 5.5 Hours Max (75 min each way, 3 hours max at farm)

TRIP COST-  $48.50 ($38.50 for round trip train ticket, $10 per person round trip taxi)




FOR a weekend getaway, again there are tons of options along the Hudson rail lines.  Cold Spring, NY is a great choice for escaping the concrete jungle.  Only 88 minutes by train from Grand Central, Cold Spring is a welcome respite from the city and super easy to make happen.  There are lots of cozy B & Bs, and AirBnB options in the little hamlet, but we chose to check a box off the old bucket list.  For around $150 a night you can rent this Airstream trailer. 




AROUND town there are a handful of cheerful antique and knick knack shops, as well as some great options for food.  It was shockingly surprising how impactful a hearty “home cooked” meal reminds the tastebuds what food actually tastes like.  Our two highlights were both for breakfast.  Hudson Hil’s was out of control delicious “country” cooking.  It was nostalgic, relaxing, and the breakfast burrito smothered in pork green chili was an instant transport back to the Rocky Mountains.



FOR a more raucous and colorful experience check out the Foundry Cafe.  This lively place was a joy, and although the family staff seemed to know every one besides us by first name, we were still treated with energetic hospitality.  The food is delish, and we guarantee it’ll leave our fellow city slickers pining for that country life after seeing the laid back camaraderie of the locals.



OF course, the natural surroundings are the reason why you come to the “country”, and Cold Spring is a great place to get some hiking in.  If you happen to stay in the same Airstream that we did you can literally walk out the door and begin hiking some of the most popular routes.  We recommend a little nip of mezcal to keep you warm, you know…just to be safe.


TRIP TIME- 3 Hours Travel + Nights staying (88 min each way, Plus Nights staying)  

TRIP COST-  $250 per day ($38.50 for round trip train ticket, $150 per night, $60 food and booze per day)


HOPEFULLY this little talk helps the people out there who are about to lose the glory that is summer, and succumb to the annual fact of life that is winter (fuuuckkk winter!!!!!!- Adam).  The point is always to look on the bright side, even if the oncoming winter chill sounds like an icy, slushy, foot numbing version of hell on earth (Adam talking here).  And for all those lucky to live in a year long temperate zone…is anyone one hiring reality television producers…..(still Adam…).

It’s going to be ok.  Summer is only 270 days away.

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