Finding the Good with Rosario

Mexico City, Mexico


WE met Rosario in the sprawling Bosque de Chapultepec.  Going back to before the time when the Aztecs created a metropolis near the site, the forrest has been a sacred place.  Today it serves as the “lungs” of Mexico City, with hundreds of thousands of trees replenishing the valley’s fresh air.  Rosario was beaming good energy, so we stopped to ask her what was her concept of the Good Life.





“Lo mas importante es tu ser interior.  Si tienes paz en tu interior lo reflejas en tu exterior.  Creer en una divinidad.  Disfrutar todo los detalles.  Ver la vida de otra manera.  Observar no ver.  Así te das cuenta que no hay mundo material, y que hay algo más!”


“The most important thing is your inner wellbeing.  If you have peace on the inside it reflects on the outside.  Believe in the higher power.  Enjoy all the details.  Look at life in a different way.  Observe don’t just see.  With this in mind I tell you there is no material world, but there is something more.”



AS of the time of this writing Mexico is hurting.  An enormous earthquake in the Southern States of Oaxaca and Chiapas hit hard, followed by another earthquake near Mexico City has rocked our loved ones.  Not to mention a stronger than usual hurricane season.  In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our journeys in this great land.

Even as our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected, we can already see the strength and humanity of the people of Mexico to rush in, to help one another, and to rebuild.



One thought on “Finding the Good with Rosario

  1. Oh Rosario! How beautifully put. Her physical self is the perfect match to her words. How horrible that she is experiencing this hardship now. I hope her beautiful philosophy carries her through. Her serenity is stunning.

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