Finding the Good With Alfredo

Guadalajara, México


WE met Alfredo after enjoying the twice daily mariachi show in the venue called El Parian in the center of the bohemian neighborhood of Guadalajara called Tlaquepaque.  His over the top style during the performance caught our eye, and we were surprised to find that behind the mariachi bravado he had a reserved personality (check out a video of Alfredo in action here).  Thankfully we were able to open him up and learn about his idea of the Good Life.


Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara



“Conocerse a uno mismo.  Tocar mi música me hace muy feliz.  Por las mañanas salir a ver mi milpa y cuidar de ella.  Así es la buena vida.”


“To know yourself.  Playing my music makes me really happy. In the mornings, going out to see my corn fields and taking care of them.  This is the good life.”


BN4A3705 (1).jpg

TLAQUEPAQUE is super cool!  It’s 20 minutes from Guadalajara’s Centro Histórico by taxi, but a world apart in vibe.  The Parian, said to be the largest cantina in the world, is a fantastic place to start your visit with a snack and tequila while enjoying live mariachi music.  Along side of the Parian is Calle Independencia, which is the perfect place to max out the credit card at the myriad of funky artesian shops full of furniture, decor and art.



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