Finding the Good with Andrew

San Diego_California



WE literally chased down Andrew, and he probably thinks we are crazy people, but he had the best runs we caught of the day so we wanted talk to him.  He was already calling around to his friends to see which spots had the best swells when we made our way up the hill to him.  Graciously, he took a second to tell us his version of the Good Life.





“The good life?  Living life to the fullest, and being healthy.  Being with friends and family.”




THE “father of American surfing”, Duke Kahanamoku, came to San Diego in 1916 to inspire the first generation of San Diego surfers.  As the popularity of the sport swelled all over Southern California, the climax hit when the film Endless Summer took the country by storm; following local surfer Mike Hyson and friend Robert August all over the globe chasing warm weather and good waves.  These days surfing is deeply rooted in the essence of being a San Diegan…along with good beer, great weather and a fierce loyalty to their town.

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