Finding the Good With Mae Aew

Moo Ban Dek, Thailand


IN the summer of 2014 director Marvin Blunte gathered a crew in the jungle outside Bangkok to make a documentary about Mae Aew, and the school she’s created for children that have been abused, abandoned, or forced into heartbreaking conditions.  We are excited to announce to our readers that the film, 6 Weeks to Mother’s Day, will premier NEXT WEEK, November 16th at the DOC NYC festival.  Mae Aew is an amazingly kind, wise and spiritual soul and we are beyond honored that she shared her thoughts on The Good Life with us.

photo credit: Marvin Blunte


Mae Aew
Kanchanaburi, Thailand


“For me the Good Life is living in the Children’s Village School, surrounded by jungle, mountains and rivers.  To see everyone enjoying their rights- based on universal human rights.  I’m proud to watch the children become aware of their duties and responsibilities while living in a Democratic environment.” 


photo credit:  Marvin Blunte
HELPING make the film was an incredibly enriching experience, and while recording the location sound Adam was privileged to be a part of it.  Most of the children at the school have had tragic early years, and Mae Aew is doing amazing things at her summerhill style “Children’s Village”.  The students consider Mae Aew to be their adoptive mother (“Mae” is mother in thai), and Mother’s Day (the Queen’s birthday) is an important celebration in Thailand to give thanks to moms across the country.   While documenting the lives of these children and teachers during the lead up to Mother’s Day, as a crew we were moved to be able to share in their joy, learning and sometimes sadness. We definitely got to live like locals, and came home with an understanding of rural thai life a typical tourist or visitor wouldn’t have the opportunity to witness.
WE can’t wait to see the finished product, and if you’re in the NYC area you can too!  Mae Aew will be there, along with director Marvin Blunte as well as the rest of the crew.
There are still tickets left for purchase here
For more info on the film click here
*Cover photo credit: Marvin Blunte




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