Finding the Good with Akyiaa

Brooklyn, N.Y.C.



ON a chilly fall night we ran into Akyiaa in Williamsburg.  We don’t spend a lot of time in Willy-burg these days, but it remains a great place to meet interesting people.  We paused our early holiday shopping, and struck up a conversation about the Good Life.


Brooklyn, New York


“The Good Life to me is when you have as much as you need.  You don’t need to have all the money in the world, just enough to make you comfortable and stable.  Having friends and family around will make you feel complete.”


AKYIAA’s words resonated with us as we began our annual “PWP”, aka the Pre-Winter Purge.  Each year, as the holiday season ramps up, we go through all our stuff and donate any old clothes, accessories or kitchen items.  Give the PWP a try!  You’ll be doing good for others, while doing yourself a favor by opening up some space.  Like Akyiaa said, you only truly need enough to live comfortably, and there’s probably some stuff in your closet you forgot about that would make someone else more comfortable this holiday season.




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