Finding the Good With Maite

New York, New York

BN4A5211RACES are fun.  Daniela and Adam may have differing opinions on the topic, but even if Adam does most of the running Daniela is the best super fan a guy could have.  The weekend before this year’s NYC Half Marathon, we met Maite at the pre-race expo who was in town to run the race her second time.  We swear it’s purely a coincidence that she’s from Mexico City!


Mexico City, Mexico


“La Buena Vida es tener una vida balanceada.  Hacer lo te gusta combinarlo con tus responsabilidades”

“The Good Life is to have a balanced life.  Do the things you like combined with your responsibilities.”



FOR Adam, the race ended up sucking.  It was cold, windy, early and hilly.  Admittedly he hadn’t trained properly so he can’t really bitch.  Even through the suck, the atmosphere a the race is exhilarating.  As the weather (we hope) starts to get nicer, pick a race a few months or weeks away, no matter how long, and set it as a goal.  It’s really fun, we promise.

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