Finding the Good with Devon


Riverside Park, Manhattan



WE met Devon while he was scouting for a shoot in Riverside Park, on the very west side of Manhattan.  We’ll talk a little bit more about this favorite park of ours in a future post, but trust us, it’s a very photogenic place.  Devon was kind enough to take a second to talk to us about his thoughts on the Good Life.






“A good life is one where you have time to spend with family.  Especially since we’ve had kids…your priories change.”




THIS little project of ours is still in it’s infant stage, but if there is a common theme among most of the people we’ve talked to with, it’s that family and friends make life good.  It’s interesting that as we go out there trying to find the secret to the “Good Life”, it seems like it’s something essentially everyone already has.  Take a moment this weekend to call a parent, tell a friend how much they mean to you, and above all stop to smell the flowers.






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