Finding the Good with Ines

México City, México


ON our past trip to Mexico City we found an enormous festival celebrating the food, arts and culture of Oaxaca.  Adam saw a sweater he liked, and when we went to start discussing the price, it quickly became apparent that the woman who was selling the hand woven wares had only a basic vocabulary in Spanish.  Turns out she’s of the Trique indigenous population, who have their own distinct language.  We’ll write about it in the full story to come, but we couldn’t pass up this chance to talk to her about her thoughts on the Good Life (with a helpful young lady from the stall next door to translate).


Mixteca Baja, Mexico



“For me, the Good Life is selling [my clothes].  It feels good to be able to make things with my hands that other people can enjoy.  Oh, I guess the only other thing is I like to eat good food.”  *


*translated from trique


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WE started this series to talk to people from totally different backgrounds about what they consider The Good Life in the hopes of sending some positivity into the tumultuous universe.  We want to show our readers perspective, inspiration and in the best of all outcomes, prove our theory that we all desire the same things no matter where we come from.  We strive to interview a diverse group of people and Ines was an outlier in this respect.  Even so, she validated our original theory – proving no matter what language we speak, where we’re from, whichever spirituality we follow, we can all agree it doesn’t take much to be happy….and everyone loves a good meal.




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