Finding the Good With Xavier

Oaxaca City, México


OUR friends who run La Contenta (one of our favorite restaurants in NYC) were the ones that recommended Los Amantes mezcaleria, and mentioned Xavier by name.  The mezcal bar across the street was a nightly destination (much more to come!), and across the street was a boutique hotel/rooftop bar.  Eventually we tracked down Xavier at the rooftop to talk all things travel, mezcal, and of course the Good Life.


Oaxaca City, Oaxaca



“Hacer lo que te gusta para que tu trabajo no sea una obligación. Decir ‘voy a hacer’ en lugar de ‘tengo que hacer’.  Me gusta a lo que me dedico que es la hospitalidad para la gente. Ademas, conocerte a ti mismo y valorar lo que tienes.”


“Do what you like so your work isn’t a chore.  To say ‘I’m going to work’ instead of ‘I have to work’.  I enjoy what I do which is hospitality for people.  Also to know yourself, and the value you hold.”

***BN4A3626.jpgXAVIER is a world class bartender, having traveled the America’s honing his craft, and we easily spent the night swapping stories.  Starting Monday we’ll launch our bi monthly Mexico Mondays series to share more sights, stories and surprises from our latest adventure south of the border.  Granted we’re a little biased, but yeah…. suffice to say, the trip was the shit.




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