Finding the Good with Christen



WINTER hath cometh.  As New York and the rest of the East Coast reemerges after the holidays and frigidity of the “Bomb Cyclone”, the people of NYC are safe to step out over the stubborn crust of dingy garbage topped snow piles and reacquaint themselves with fresh air.  On a walk in Manhattan we ran into Christen while he enjoyed the relatively balmy weather 44 degree weather.  His thoughts on the Good Life are a perfect start to 2018.




New York, New York


“Happiness comes from within.  Once you’re good with that, that’s the Good Life.  That makes everything else that gets in your way insignificant.  Internal happiness is everything.  It makes you better when you’re around other people.”


ADMITTEDLY, this could be a depressing time of year here in the Big Apple.  The heaps of discarded Christmas trees, once mighty and festive, now lay derelict and forgotten along the sidewalks as NYC quickly moves on to the next one.  Pretty snow falls don’t take long to become a huge pain in the ass, and by the next day they are usually trash-speckled piles of frozen dirt.  Not to mention that in general cold just really, really sucks.  All that said it’s the perfect time of year to work a little harder and Find the Good.
We look forward to bringing you more cheer all through out this new year, and beyond.  We have lots of thoughts on the Good Life coming your way, we’ll continue to share our personal stories, and we have some new exciting projects to come.
Summer is just 159 days away!

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