Phinding the Good with Nate

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Version 2

APOLOGIES to any of our followers up north, but we have to take this week’s entry to give props to our beloved, and now World Champion, E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!  We were in Philly for the night of the Super Bowl, and experienced to explosion of joy that erupted in Center City after the underdog win over the Patriots.  We also went back down to witness the parade, and ran into a celebratory Nate after the parade was over.


Philadelphia, PA


“To me the Good Life is having everyone I care about around me.  Also being able to support them, and keep them happy as much as I can.”


FLY EAGLES FLY.  It’s pretty amazing how something as seemingly silly as a game can bring so much joy to so many people.  We’ve waited a long time for this, and the incredible feeling is really just starting to settle in.  Experiencing the ecstasy that manifested that night of the Super Bowl, and was re-stoked during the parade adds a new dimension of what the Good Life can be. (especially for Adam…).

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