Finding the Good with Nosayr

Cancún, Mexico


AFTER getting caught in a rain squall, we took shelter at one of the malls in the heart of the Party Zone.  Trapped with fanny pack and poncho wearing tourists, we figured our search for an interesting person to interview was dashed for the day.  As we headed to the car we saw Nosayr and her friend cracking each other up.  They clearly had run straight from the adjacent beach, but weren’t letting the torment dampen their moods.  We took advantage of the opportunity, and asked her concept of The Good Life.



Cancún by way of Venezuela


“Compañía.  A donde quiera que vayas no es lo mismo si estas sola. El ejercicio en la playa es parte esencial en mi vida. Me encanta la comida, en especial los mariscos.  Hablar con mi familia me mantiene cerca de ellos aunque estén lejos. Y por supuesto me gusta bailar!”

“Company.  Going anywhere is not the same if you do it alone. Exercising on the beach is an essential part of my life. I love food, especially seafood. Calling my family everyday keeps me close to them even though they are far. And obviously I love to dance!”


BN4A4920TURNING your focus away from the unfortunate side of any circumstance and instead finding the joy will have you living Good for the rest of your days.  Instead of looking at the floor feeling your vacation is rained out, look over at your companion, crack him or her up, and go play in the rain.  Very few (ourselves included!) can claim to be perfect practitioners of this technique, but we strongly feel it’s the secret to the Good Life.

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